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Related article: Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 05:05:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Marc
Subject: Family FrictionDisclaimer:The following story deals with incest, watersports, scat and other
fetishes. If you are under the age of eighteen, or find this kind of
sexual activity offensive, STOP HERE!Family Friction
By Rim4youPrologueMy name is Alex. The events that I am about to relate began four years
ago, when I was fourteen and still continue whenever Dad and I visit
Grandpa Jake and Uncle Brandon in Wisconsin.Grandpa Jake, who is fifty-two now, is my Dad's father. Uncle Brandon
is Dad's brother and he just turned thirty-two . Brad, my father, is
two years older than his brother Brandon.The one thing these men have in common is their jet black hair and
emerald green eyes and strapping, muscular bodies. Bodies that were
toned and defined through hard, physical work on Grandpa Jake's farm.It was shortly after my Mom passed away that Dad took some time off of
work and the two of us loaded up the car for the road trip from Florida
to Wisconsin.It's here that my story really begins ...1"Are we almost there yet, Dad?" I asked, drowsily, streatched out as
best I could on the back seat of the car."We'll be there in about an hour, Alex," Dad answered. "Try to get
some sleep, son, I know you're tired."I drifted off to sleep. The humming of the car, like a lullabye, coaxed
me into a peaceful slumber.It must have been around one-thirty in the morning, on a sweltering
August night, that we pulled up in front of the two story farmhouse.
Wearily, I sat up. A porch light had been snapped on. In the dim light
I could perceive two shadowy figures emerging from the doorway. Dad
hopped out of the car and headed towards them. I, on the other hand,
couldn't keep my eyes focused long enough and my head bobbed back
against the seat and I was out like a light."Hi son!" Jake greeted his oldest son. The two men embraced warmly."Hi there, big brother," Brandon said, descending the porch stairs,
"long time no see!"As the two brothers exchanged welcomes, Jake headed towards the car.
There he found a sleeping fourteen-year-old kid."Alex! Alex!" my grandfather whispered, running his fingers through my
long, wavy brown hair. Slowly, my eyes fluttered open."Grandpa?" I yawned."How ya doing kid? Besides being sleepy?""I'm okay, Grandpa," I sighed."Now you know while you're here, Alex, there is no formality. You can
just call me Jake."That was one of my grandfather's quirks. Ever since Grandma died, when
I was eight-years-old, he insisted that since our small, 100 top lolita pussy
family had been reduced to just the men, everyone would just address
each other by first names only. I thought that was neat, to be able to
call my Dad by his first name, Brad."Let's get you inside, Alex," Jake continued, "and into bed."As I staggered out of the car, drunk with sleep, Jake put his arm around
me and steadied my pace in the darkness as we headed towards the front
door of the house."Hi Alex," Brandon called out tiny lolita nude models as Jake and I passed."Hi uncle ... uh ... I mean, Brandon," I yawned, as Jake led me into
the house and up the stairs to the guestroom."You get undressed, Alex," Jake instructed, "and I'll turn down the
bed."Too weary to protest that I was past the age of being tucked in, I
started peeling off my clothes. I guess the vibrations of the car's
movements had, and still did, at the moment, its effect on me, The
front of my white briefs tented out quite obviously.
Like a drunken sailor, I staggered towards the bed plopped down.
Rolling on my side I instinctively grabbed hold of my boner and with one
final "good-night" to Jake, I drifted back off to sleep.2"Is Alex asleep, Jake?" Brad asked, as Jake twisted off the cap of a
beer and sat down in his favorite recliner."He's out like a light," Jake chuckled, "grabbed his boner, rolled onto
his side and went nighty-nite!""Like father, like son!" Brandon chirped, playfully punching his older
brother in the ribs."What do you mean, little brother?" Brad responded by playfully
wrestling Brandon down on the living room floor."Boys! Boys!" Jake exclaimed, above the laughter of his two sons.
"Not so loud or you'll wake up Alex!""Sorry Jake," Brad laughed, releasing his pinning hold on Brandon."Yeah, me too Jake," Brandon replied, choking down his urge to bust out
laughing."So ... what did you mean by that comment, Brandon?""Well, big brother, if I remember correctly, you used to do the same
thing when you fell asleep with a hard-on ... and most of the time you
didn't have to be asleep to grab hold of your dick!"Brandon lost control and burst in a fit of laughter. Jake shook his
head and chuckled. Brad rolled his eyes and laughed too."Well since we're confessing, Brandon," Brad said, "if I remember
correctly, you were the one who liked to finger your butt and sniff your
finger!""He still does!" Jake laughed, choking hard on the swig of beer he'd
just took."Hell Brad!" Brandon replied, "when we were kids, I used to swipe your
jockstrap and huff it while I beat my dick. Your pouch was pretty rank,
big brother, and crusty!"Brad spread his legs and placed his hand on the bulge in his 501's and
rubbed his crotch."I kept it nice and ripe for you, little brother! Wanna sniff?""Don't tempt me Brad!" super top list lolitas
Brandon responded, gropping himself."You two fucks are makin' my mouth water," Jake piped in, his monster
eleven inch pole, thick and veiny, sticking out from his boxers.The two brothers stared at Jake, while kneading the bulges between their
legs."It's been too fuckin' long Brad," Brandon moaned softly, turning to
look deeply in his pre lolita nude models brothers' eyes."Way too long Brandon," Brad whispered back.Brad lowered his head towards Brandon's upturned face, and the two men
kissed each other deeply.Jake eased himself out of his recliner and walked towards his sons, his
cock bobbing up and down with each step he took. When he reached his
boys, he planted his feet, one between Brad's legs and the other between
Brandon's.As the two brothers broke their kiss and looked up, Jake's raging pole
was only inches away from their mouths. Together, Brad and Brandon
leaned forward and kissed Jake's cock; their father's cock.Jake moaned at the touch of Brad and Brandon's warm lips upon his shaft.
In unison, the two brothers began swirling free fresh little lolita their tongues up and down the
meaty length of Jake's dick, each brother taking his turn at swallowing
the massive cock."You boys sure know how to make your Dad feel good!" Jake groaned, as
he pistoned his throbbing cock in each of his sons' mouths. "Have you
broken Alex into the family way, Brad?" Jake continued to groan,
thrusting his hips back and forth into each sucking oriface."I'm working on that Jake," Brad slurped, "getting him primed up ...
like ... uh ... having him catch me when I'm jacking off. I know it
turns him on. I can feel it!""I'd love to have his sweet, boy-cock 100 top lolita pussy in my mouth and up my ass!" Jake
hissed. "From what I can tell, he's gonna have a big dick too, Just
like the three of us!""Yeah boys! Suck your ole man's dick! Feels so fuckin' wonderful
having both of you workin' my cock at the same time again!"Brad reached down and popped open his 501's and freed his aching, ten
inch hard-on. Brandon, sucking on Jake's dick cast a sideway's glance
at his brother's rod. He moaned anew as the pungent aroma of sweaty
cock rose up in his nostrils from Brad's crotch."I told you it was still pre lolita nude models funky Brandon," Brad whispered, lustfully.
"Why don't you come down here and smell it? I know you want to. I know
you need to?"Brandon pulled his mouth off of Jake's dick and Brad then took over the
sucking, slurping hungrily and greedily.Dropping his head into his brother's crotch, Brandon sniffed Brad's
manstink. Brad's cock was damp and heady with the aroma of sweat and
piss from having been confined for hours within the tight restriction of
his jeans."I love your cock stink!" Brandon whispered, "I always have!""Yeah boy!" Jake hissed, looking down at his youngest son, "smell that
fuckin' cock! Brad's stink is really turnin' you on isn't it?""Yes!" Brandon rasped, sniffing deeply of the turgid cock."Take off your shorts, little brother," Brad slurped, "I wanna see the
bull cock!"Without taking his face from Brad's fragrant crotch, Brandon hooked his
thumbs onto the elastic waistband of his gym shorts and began yanking
them down. Squirming out of his shorts, he positioned himself, lying on
his side, his face still buried in Brad's crotch. preteen lolita home videos He raised and bent
his leg at the knee planting his foot firmly on the floor so that his
legs were spread, affording Brad the vision he so desired."Like what you see big brother?" Brandon teased."Fuck!" Brad groaned, deeply. "Bull cock!""Got that right," Jake moaned back, fucking Brad's mouth, "biggest
god-damn cock this side of Milwaukee! All thirteen inches of it!""I want it up my ass!" Brad sighed, his voice heavy with lust, "I need
to get fucked real bad!""Think ya can still handle it big brother?" Brandon continued his
teasing. "Aren't many men who can ride the bull cock. You were one of
the few exceptions though!""Please!" Brad pleaded, "Fuck me Brandon!""Let's get naked boys," Jake said, slipping his dick out of Brad's
mouth, "but try to keep the noise down so we don't wake Alex up.""What? You don't want him to hear the screams of pleasure when I fuck
his dad up the ass?""In due time," Jake snarled, with a nasty grin on his face.The three men, father and sons, stripped off their clothing in a heap on
the floor. For a while they stood facing each other, each man pulling
on his own dick, surveying each others' taught, muscular frames, their
pleasure mounting.Brad was the first to break the circle jerk session. He was ready to
progress to more heated action. He sat down on the sofa and leaned
back. Raising his legs super top list lolitas
in the air he clasped his hands behind his knees
and drew his legs towards his chest, exposing his furry, black haired
ass trench."Eat my ass Brandon," Brad said in a husky voice, "get me lubed up for
the bull cock!"Brandon knelt before his brothers' spread ass cheeks. "Ah free forbidden lolitas nude fuck Brad,"
Brandon moaned, as he buried his face into Brad's butt, "your ass smells
so fuckin' good!""Fuckin' nasty, stink, dirty ass little brother! Wanna fuck the shit
right outta me?"Jake walked over to an old wooden trunk against the wall, next to the
entrance to the living room. Rumaging through the trunk he retrieved
several items and walked back towards the sofa, where he knelt on the
floor watching Brandon eat out Brad's ass."Yeah! Eat his ass!" Jake hissed. "Get his ass up in the air so I can
get this old blanket under him. Don't wanna mess up the sofa, do we
boys?"Brandon pushed Brad's legs further back, raising his ass high in the
air. Jake arranged the blanket under Brad and onto the floor, then
Brandon lowered Brad back down, all the while sucking at Brad's anal
ring which flared as Brandon probed and poked with free preteenlolita pussy pic
his tongue."Tastes so fuckin' good brother," Brandon moaned, "nice and dirty!"While Brandon was working over Brad's asshole, Jake squeezed some lube
onto the palm of his hand and started massaging Brandon's raging
hard-on. Brandon moaned even louder as Jake's slick hand flew up and
down his son's dick.Then Jake squeezed out more lube and greased up a thick, twelve inch
dildo and his asshole. Positioning the dildo at his hole, Jake slowly
impaled himself on the rubber shaft."Fuck yeah!" Jake let out a cry of pain and pleasure. He then reached
down to his dick and started to slowly jack off."Fuck him now Brandon! I wanna watch you fuck the shit out of your
brother!""Poppers?" Brad asked.Jake reached down beside him and tossed a fresh bottle of "Rush" to
Brad. Brad took several deep hits then handed the bottle to Brandon who
snorted also. Then Brandon passed the bottle back to Jake, who likewise
to a couple hits. As the rush of exhiliration swept over each man,
Brandon aimed his throbbing dick at Brad's quivering asshole. As
Brandon's mushroom head penetrated Brad's anal ring, Brad let out a loud
groan. Brandon paused briefly then pushed a little more.
Brad groaned again. Louder this time.Little by little, Brandon inched his way up his brothers' shit chute,
stopping from time to time to allow Brad to get used to his massive
meat."Fuckin' hot!" Jake whispered, stroking his cock and grinding his ass
on the dildo. "Does he have a dirty ass?""Ah yeah Jake," Brandon replied, "his ass is full of shit! This is
gonna be one helluva shitty fuck! I'm gonna love it!"Brad grit his teeth and tossed his head from side to side as Brandon
inched his way deeper into the filthy hole."Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Brad nearly bellowed, as Brandon sunk all of his
manhood into Brad's asshole. "Fuckin' bull cock!""Ya got that right Brad!" Brandon exclaimed, slapping Brad's ass cheek.
"Now hang on big brother. It's gonna be a bumpy ride!"With that, Brandon began a slow rhythym, pumping pre teen lolitas movies his monster cock in and
out of Brad's ass. As Brandon's cock head almost emerged from Brad's
gaping hole, the room resounded with a nasty, slurping, sucking sound.
Shit was oozing out of Brad's asshole.Brandon began picking up the pace. As his lust mounted, so did the
force of his fucking.Jake reached down to catch some of the shit oozing out of his oldest
son's hole onto his fingers. Then he raised his shitty fingers under
Brandon's nose."Oh yeah! preteen lolita home videos Rub that shit under my nose, Jake, so I can smell the dirty
ass I'm fuckin'!" Brandon commanded.Jake rubbed his shitty fingers onto the smooth skin under Brandon's
nose. Brandon inhaled the odor of his brothers' filth. The aroma of
shit threw Brandon into a fury of lust. He slammed his thirteen inches
wildly in and out of Brad's hole. Brad responded by bucking and
thrashing, cleching his fingers into the sofa cushions."Fuck me! Fuck me Brandon! Rape my shitty hole! Fuckin' tear my ass
up little brother. I wanna know that I've been fucked by a real man
stud!"Brandon continued pounding Brad's ass with a vengence. Jake stood up
and climbed onto the sofa above Brad and straddled his chest, the dildo
still deeply embedded up his ass.Brad looked towards his chest to see Jake lubing his cock up with the
shit from his asshole. Jake reached forward and grasped the back of
Brad's head and guided him towards his now dirty cock."Suck your stinking shit off of my cock Brad!" Jake almost shouted.Brad was in no position to refuse. His ass was being savagely fucked by
Brandon's bull sized dick, and Jake had a vice grip on the back of his
neck. Smelling his own shit, Brad opened his mouth and began swallowing
Jake's cock down his throat.The smell and taste of his own shit began to arouse Brad tremendously
and he began sucking Jake's dick in earnest sending wave after wave of
pleasure through Jake, who sighed and moaned deeply.Brandon slowed down the tempo of his fucking. Then he sighed loudly.Almost laughing, Brandon whispered, "Now you're in for a real treat
brother. I'm fuckin' pissin' up your sloppy man cunt! Gonna make that
ass fudge of yours real gooey and nasty now. Then we're gonna go
outside and I'm gonna lay down on the grass while you stand over me and
spew your butt slop all over me!""Oh yeah!" Jake hollered, reaching up to his nipples to squeeze and
pinch them. "I love filthy man sex with my sons!"3The overhead light snapped on. The living room instantly lit up. Brad,
Jake and Brandon turned their heads towards the entrance to the room.
There was no hiding their nakedness now, nor the raunchy act that they
were now caught in.
Their moans of pleasure fell into complete silence.I stood in the doorway, clenching in my hand my white briefs. My seven
inch boy-cock throbbed with excitement. My piss slit was oozing pre-cum
which fell like a silvery thread to the floor.Our eyes met. Our gazes locked. Mine to theirs and theirs to mine.
Three men and a boy, frozen now like marble statues.******************************If you would like for me to sun web bbs lolitas
continue the story, write to me with your
feedback and suggestions to Rim4youwebtv.net
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